How to Make Addiction Recovery Fun


When it comes to recovering from addiction, one may feel like it’s the end of the world. The person could feel like life will be boring with a ho-hum existence. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are ways to make the best of the worthwhile milestone. There are various ways to have fun during the addiction recovery. As a matter of fact, one may find out that their life is much better than ever before in various ways. Having said that, the following includes ways in making addiction recovery fun:


  1. Create a List– the first step is to write down a list stating things you like to do, and projects you are interested in doing and learning for now and the future.


  1. Prioritize Each Item– once you made the list, it’s time to figure out what to do first, second, and so forth. It could be put in order from the most important to the appealing being last, or the list can be done in chronological order on what you can do first and so on.


  1. Continue the 12 Steps– this will help you remain strong and in tact.


  1. Don’t sit by Watching Everyone Else– it’s very important not to get too bored, tired, or hungry. So, it’s best not to just sit around which can cause you to feel bored and then possibly tempt you to relapse.


  1. Make New Friends– with those sharing similar interests. Of course, you can’t just rush being a newcomer in a group; however, meeting and getting involved with like-minded people in positive groups, like travel clubs, is beneficial.


  1. Spend Quality Time with People who make You feel Good and Love You– giving and receiving love is very healthy. Love makes having fun even better.


  1. Keep Up the Laughter– the adage that laughter is health to the bones is really true. It’s also medically proven to help relieve stress. and are a few reliable medical sites that vouch for the beneficial aspects of laughter.


  1. Get Involved with a New Hobby or Sports Team– this prevents any temptation of being bored which can lead to regression. Also, doing these activities is healthy physically with sports and mentally with thinking activities for better clarity and memory, such as doing crossword puzzles and cooking.


  1. Exercise Regularly and Eat Nutritious Meals- exercise most days per week which will promote holistic health.


  1. Help and Serve Others– the giving of yourself to others promotes great self-esteem and self-worth.


  1. Meditate– great for mental clarity and eliminating stress.


  1. Remain Honest with Yourself– throughout your recovery, as the first step in the 12 steps is admittance.


  1. Travel– great fun in enjoying different cultures, nature, and activities especially with family and friends


  1. Keep Celebrations Safe and Fun– parties don’t have to have booze to be excitingly fun. Even when addicted to something other than alcohol, recovering addicts of one thing, such as gambling or drugs, are known to start being addicted to alcohol as a substitution. So, it’s crucial to have supportive friends and family to not have any alcohol at the party.